Start dropshipping over +11.000 CBD products with our program

Join the largest CBD  dropshipping program with over 11.000 CBD products (CBD Drops, CBD E-Liquids, CBD Extracts, CBD Crystals, CBD EDIBLES, CBD Pets, CBD Cosmetics, VAPE Kits and many more).

We offer an easy to use Woocommerce and Shopify csv file that you can upload on your website.

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What is the CBD dropshipping program?

Our dropshipping program is a modern type of business where the seller (retailer) does not store the product; that is done by the distributor. At the same time, the distributor is in charge of packaging and managing the shipment of the packages from the central warehouse to the final customer, thus avoiding unnecessary shipping costs, because the seller does not have to receive the goods first and then forward them on to the final customer.

What kind of customer can benefit from dropshipping?

The dropshipping program is aimed at merchants, retailers, resellers, webmasters, etc. who need to issue and deliver shipments to addresses other than their own.


On the technical side:

  1. First you need to register for a dropshipping account by filling in the form below.
  2. Once you are registered, you will be able to purchase products at the dropshipping price.
  3. You can either manually place orders on our webshop each time you receive an order or you can connect your store with our database to automatically sync orders.

How to manually place orders

  1. When you receive an order in your webshop, you need to place an order in our webshop while logged in as a dropshipper or you can connect your webshop with our database to have this process automated and so we can start processing your order immediately.
  2. Next, you will receive an invoice. We offer several payment options, like Paypal, credit card (the fastest payment method) or IDEAL.
  3. After receiving your payment we will dispatch your order directly to the shipping address that you provide at the checkout or is generated automatically (more of this below).
  4. Shipping and handling will be charged to your account: We offer an economy shipping method for €11,95 (delivered by PostNL in 2-5 working days to the UK, Germany, France and Italy). Free shipping shipping for all orders over €199.

On the financial side:

  1. You will need to send the invoice to the customer’s email address.
  2. After receiving the payment we will send the invoice (including VAT) to your email address and dispatch the package to the shipping address that you provide.
  3. You will receive the tracking code when the parcel is dispatched.


Obviously, the invoice will never be delivered within the package. Your client will only receive the package with the merchandise. We sell to you and therefore the invoice will be made in your name, which will be sent to your email address at the time that the merchandise is shipped.

However, if you want your client to receive the corresponding invoice (issued by you) or any additional information from you within the package, you only have to send the file (jpg, pdf or tiff) in the option you have to upload files when placing an order. We are responsible for printing and placing it inside the package. It is that easy!


The financial investment is extremely low. Do not worry about shopping, warehousing, inventory, lost stock, transportation, logistics, etc. Dedicate almost 100% of your time to promoting your store and improving your customer service. You are sure to sell more.

A Fully Integrated and Fully Automated Drop Shipping Solution

What Can You Do With Our System

  • Integrate your online store and marketplace
  • Auto-upload all our product data and keep inventory in sync
  • Auto-send orders and sync shipment tracking
  • Push your products to virtually any online store, platform or marketplace
  • Tracked shipping to UK and International destinations

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How to automatically upload products to Woocommerce?

  • Download and Install the WordPress plugin “” which you can find in our dropship folder.
  • Download the dropshipping Cbdholland products and variations CSV files (CSV folder).
  • Import these through the CSV Import Suite plugin (click for plugin documentation).

Example how to upload products on Woocommerce

Example how to upload products on Shopify

If you do not have a website

  • Even if you do not have a website, you can easily create one with for example WordPress. Once you have a domain name (buy one at Godaddy or just google for domain name)
  • Simply install the latest free WordPress version on your server and add the Woocommerce plugin to create your first webshop.
  • It would be wise to get a suitable payment gateway in place and your website about 75% complete before you begin with the service. 
  • The simplest way to receive payments is by bank transfers, but to make more sales, you would need to offer other payment options like Paypal and Credit Cards.
  • However, many payment providers do not accept hemp based products. If you use Paypal, try to use different product names as you can get suspended for selling hemp based products.
  • We can also try to assist you with a payment gateway that accepts CBD and/or Vape products for drop shipping customers.

Example How to register a Domain Name and install WordPress

Sync your Woocommerce store with our Database

  • Download the WooCommerce Zapier Plugin.
    Create a new Zapier Feed by going to Woocommerce -> Zapier Feeds.
  • Please contact us so that we can send you a custom webhook URL to connect your website to our database or click here.
  • Once your webshop is connected, each order that you receive, will be automatically synced with our database.
  • For each new order, you will receive an invoice. We offer several payment options, like Paypal and credit card (the fastest payment method). After receiving your payment we will dispatch your order directly to the shipping address.
  • If this sounds difficult, we can give you detailed support!

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