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What do we offer for your business?

  • Product design

    • Packaging
    • Custom Label / logo design
    • White Label
  • Drop Shipping options

    • We can ship directly to your customer, without the need to invest in a stock
  • Customer Service

    • We can provide a customers service for your business
  • Website

    • We can build a wordpress website for your business, where you can add your own products or it can be added for you as well (fast delivery)
  • Paypal solution for your company

    • Customers often want a Paypal option, we can provide this for any CBD or Vape product
  • Advertisment

    • CBD and Vape products are difficult to advertise, however, we found a solution with Google Adwords. Contact us now and receive a quotation!

Simply contact us to discuss the best option for your business!