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Unfortunately only in Dutch Language, if you ever wanted to learn Dutch, then this is your opportunity!
This is the renewed and current 2014 edition of the previously published book Mediwiet oil written by the chairman of the foundation Mediwiet Wernard Bruining. The book contains extensive information about the beneficial effects of medical cannabis and CBD oil.
Folk medicine of the future
Just like the successful book Mediwiet olie, the book Healing Hemp consists of two parts.
Part with interviews of 221 pages. People with autism, AD / HD, osteoarthritis, PMS, schizophrenia and many other conditions or complaints such as pain share their most recent experiences with cannabis and CBD oil as a medicine.
Here you will come across many positive results and experiences after using the folk medicine of the future such as CBD oil or Golyoli is also called.
Run for the cure and cancer
Part two of Healing Hemp contains 99 pages and is about the history of hemp.
The completely unjustified ban on cannabis is described in detail here. In addition, the author describes how to make cannabis oil yourself at home and how to use it differently.
You will also find in this part of the book the most recent information explaining the beneficial effects of CBD and cannabis oil in cancer. In response to the American film Run for the Cure, in which Rick Simpson claims to have cured himself and others of cancer and other conditions with the help of cannabis oil, Wernard Bruining is said to be regularly approached by desperate people.
Not only adults would benefit from the healing effect of hemp, positive experiences with animals are also described, such as a small dog with epilepsy in the Netherlands.
The book is available in Dutch.
Book: Healing Hemp
Author: Wernard Bruining
Illustrated with color photos
Number of pages: 221 and 99
Language: Dutch
Edition: 2018
Publisher: Beaupain
ISBN: 978-90-77116-00-5
Part 1 with patient interviews and cannabis oil experiences on:
ADHD, Asperger’s, autism, aphrodisiac, alcohol addiction, arthritis, osteoarthritis, depression, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, gastroparesis (nausea), glaucoma, cancer, lyme, Pfeifer, migraine, multiple sclerosis, OCPS, periods, psychosis, Parkinson’s, chronic pain, rheumatism , schizophrenia, insomnia, trauma, warts
Part 2 cannabis oil, the ideal folk medicine, about:
The history of the ban
Make and use Medi cannabis oil
what other people have used and how this has worked out positively for these people. This book is available from us in two languages ​​(Dutch and German).
What is it about?
The book is about the beneficial effects of Medi-Wiet and CBD oil. Extensive information is provided on how it is made and how best to use these CBD products.
The first part
This book consists of two parts. The first part consists of a series of interviews of a total of 221 pages. In it, people with autism, osteoarthritis, PMS, schizophrenia and ADHD talk about their experiences with CBD oil as a helping force against complaints. This includes many positive experiences and results from patients, which demonstrate the power of CBD products.
The second part
The second part takes a closer look at the history of medicinal oil. In addition, it is discussed how it is made and which user functionalities are available. This gives you a comprehensive view of the endless possibilities. The author also describes how to make CBD oil yourself and the different ways in which it can be used. This 99-page part is the substantive part, which is full of interesting facts and useful facts.
Beneficial effect
The book describes that not only people benefit from the healing effect of hemp. Positive practical examples have also been found in animals that demonstrate a possible effect on animals. The book cites an example of a small dog with epilepsy. The beneficial hemp is said to have had a positive effect on this dog.
Have a look at the content
The book on healing hemp also contains information about the most recent developments in the field of CBD. Wernard Bruining also says in the book that he is regularly approached by people who are terminally ill. They hope, often in response to the American film “Run for the Cure”, that the beneficial effects of CBD also catch on with them.
Naturally, you can order the Healing Hemp book from a CBD expert in Dutch. The 300-page book gives you a beautiful and complete insight into the development of CBD as a beneficial substance over the years. An indispensable reference work for your closet or a nice gift to give. Order today and discover the world of CBD!

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