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Discover the beneficial effects of CBD on body and mind with this CBD discount kit by Medi-Wiet. Three different products, each with its own specific qualities. The CBD trial kit is of course available at CBD-Expert!

Characteristics trial kit

  • 3 different CBD products in one package
  • Small amounts of CBD
  • Economic
  • Especially suitable for CBD starters

Get acquainted with CBD

The Medi-Wiet CBD discount kit is a very handy product to get acquainted with CBD, as you will directly have three different CBD products, each with its own application. Furthermore, each product in this trial kit contains only a small amount of CBD, making the discount kit perfectly suitable for trying out CBD yourself.


This colorful collection of CBD products can also be ordered separately from CBD-Expert in larger quantities, yet, a trial kit is of course more economic and easier. The discount kit contains the following products:

  • A pipette bottle with 5 ml Medi-Wiet CBD Oil Light with 2% CBD
  • CBD ointment and CBD oil enriched with MCT oil from coconut oil
  • A jar with 12 ml Medi-Wiet CBD Ointment
  • A bottle with 50 ml Medi-Wiet HSO + Sleep hemp seed oil

The pipette bottle with 2% CBD is perfect for people who want to try out CBD. The basis for this CBD oil is pure olive oil. Thanks to the low CBD concentration, the oil is easy to dose. For starters with CBD this product is an absolute must.

The Medi-Wiet CBD Ointment supports the skin in a beneficial and simple way.  The ointment contains about 2% CBD and therefore you will immediately experience the benefits of CBD after application.

With CBD Hemp Seed Oil Plus you keep your body in balance. The hemp seed oil contains many vitamins, minerals and essential Omega 3 and 9 fatty acids.

Pure olive oil

The base oil of this CBD oil is pure olive oil. In itself, olive oil already comes with many beneficial effects. Olive oil consists for about 70% mainly of monounsaturated fatty acids and a high concentration of vitamin E.

About Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana (Stichting Medi-Wiet)

Medi-Wiet was founded in 2009 by Medical marijuana pioneer Wernard Bruining. Bruining and his team explored ways for reaping the benefits of medicinal cannabis without the psychoactive effects. Bruining is therefore a front-runner in the field of CBD oil, as we know it today. Medi-Wiet Golyoli, a 2% strong CBD oil, soon became one of the best-known CBD oils available.

Self-care is of principle importance to Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana. The organization’s noble vision is to promote self-reliance with simple self-care resources, in a world with ever more expensive medical care. Medi-Wiet sees it as a challenge to teach people to take care of themselves. Medi-Wiet regards this as a universal right and a sensible choice.

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