CBD Oil 5% JACOB HOOY 10ml – 30ml


A strong and 100% natural CBD oil from Jacob Hooy, made on a basis of the most carefully selected hemp plants. Of course, you will just enjoy the beneficial substances in the hemp plant. CBD does not contain psychoactive substances, so you will not get high or stoned on it. With 5% CBD, this is the most powerful oil produced by Jacob Hooy. You can go for the 10 ml bottle, but with regular use the 30 ml bottle is a smarter choice. Experience the benefits of Jacob Hooy’s CBD right away!

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The most powerful CBD oil from Jacob Hooy is now available at CBD-Expert. A 100% natural oil, now also available in two different sizes. Experience the benefits of this high-quality oil with 5% CBD.

Different bottle sizes

Jacob Hooy’s 5% CBD oil is available in two sizes at CBD-Expert. You can choose between the 10 ml CBD oil and the bigger, 30 ml bottle. You like taking in CBD from time to time? Better go for the bigger 30 ml bottle. It goes without saying this bottle will last longer, besides, the 30 ml is also relatively cheaper.


It is recommended to increase the dose step by step. Every person is different, so also the dose can differ from person to person. Drip a few drops below the tongue, two to three times per day. Then, keep the oil in your mouth for one minute, before swallowing. Jacob Hooy’s CBD oil has a natural taste. Finally, enjoy the beneficial effects of CBD. If you are planning to take in this CBD oil, take into account the following factors.

  • Take up to 10 drops per day
  • Do not exceed the daily recommended dose
  • Store the bottle at room temperature
  • Do not use during pregnancy or when breastfeeding
  • Keep away from children
  • A food supplement cannot serve as substitute for a balanced diet

Jacob Hooy

Since the start as a herb stand almost 300 years ago, Jacob Hooy has now grown into a renowned company. Within homeopathy, Jacob Hooy has become a familiar name with several authentic grocery shops. Quality is priority at Jacob Hooy, and Jacob Hooy CBD is no exception to that.


Bottle with 10 ml content:

  • Percentage CBD: 5%
  • ±500 mg of CBD
  • Approximately 240 drops

Bottle with 30 ml content:

  • Percentage CBD: 5%
  • ±1500 mg of CBD
  • Approximately 720 drops


Hemp seed oil, leave and flower hemp paste, Cannabidiol (CBD) 5%

Discover the qualities of Jacob Hooy’s CBD oil. Order the product quickly and discreetly at CBD-Expert.

History Jacob Hooy

In 1743 Jacob Hooy opened a spice stall at the Amsterdam Nieuwmarkt. This is where the rich history of the company began, with the sale of herbs and spices.

And the company not only has history, but also a chunk of nostalgia. Nostalgia especially for the old and trusted trading of herbs. The scent so characteristic of the ridge-filled spice warehouse in Limmen revives memories of the days of the V.O.C., when the intrepid East Indiamen brave the oceans to fill their holds with oriental herbs and spices.

But it was also the time of the spice traders of the North Holland spirit lands who offered their goods for sale on the Amsterdam Nieuwmarkt.

Employee Piet Heerschop mixes herbs in the old copper bascule from 1743, which Jacob Hooy probably used between 1747 and 1778, when he was still on the medicinal herb market on the Kloveniersburgwal. Photo 1952

And in the midst of those turbulent years, Jacob Hooy was born in November 1722 in the Lange Leidsedwarsstraat in Amsterdam. As the son of a “tug” he was the founder of what later became “Jacob Hooy & Co. since 1743 ”. And now, more than 270 years later, this name still stands for craftsmanship and quality.

At the age of 21, Jacob opened his first shop in dryers on the Barndesteeg and two years later he moved to the now well-known shop on the Kloveniersburgwal. Although the company has been owned by the Oldenboom family since 1846, the name Jacob Hooy has always been retained.

The Amsterdam canals with its stately warehouses of yesteryear are also still there, but the activity surrounding the loading and unloading of the herb ships is unfortunately past glory. But around the herbs, teas and spices of today, there is still the mystique of the strange and the aroma of the distant. And at the Limmen wholesaler you can still taste, from the raw jute bags and bales, the smell and taste that have been so characteristic of this hard-working family business over the centuries. With his interest in and knowledge of fruits, flowers, plants, roots and seeds, Jacob Hooy continues to value everything that is natural and original. Jacob Hooy shares his knowledge and supplies to wholesalers and retailers all over the world.

The designation Royal Warrant was introduced in 1815 by King Willem I and, together with the designation royal (1806), is one of the oldest Royal decorations in our country. This designation gives Jacob Hooy the right to use the Royal Coat of Arms, with the addition “By Royal Purveyor to the Royal Household”.

Her Majesty the Queen has awarded this designation Royal Warrant to Jacob Hooy. Jacob Hooy was founded in 1743 and is therefore more than a hundred years old and the entrepreneurs are of impeccable behavior. Jacob Hooy is one of the 383 companies that can call themselves Royal Warrant Holder.



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